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Anti-Ragging Committee

Ragging is a crime which destroys the physical and mental confidence of students. Therefore it is banned in all campuses. As per direction of the Supreme Court of India in C.A. No. 887 of 2009, the Anti-Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Squad is constituted in the college. The aim of the committee is to eliminate ragging in all its forms from the college, this will be achieved by preventing its occurrence and punishing those who indulge in ragging, in accordance with the Supreme Court Regulations.


Anti-Ragging Committee

1. Chairman: Dr. Benny Jacob (Principal)
2. Smt. Ashamol M. K. (HoD, Dept. of Commerce)
3. Smt. Neethu P. M. (HoD, Dept. of English)
4. Sri. Mahesh K Mohan (Dept. of Management Studies)


 To realize the primary needs of the students and staff and secure civil liberties, a Grievance Redressal cell has constituted in the college as per the norms of Government.The cell is indented to find solutions for problems like Sexual harassment – any kind of physical or mental harassment, complaints regarding class room teaching – class room management, completion of syllabus, teaching methods etc, if and when they arise. The committee is constituted with the following members.

Grievance Redressal Cell

1. Dr. Benny Jacob (Principal)
2. Smt. Dhanyamol P.N.


 To cater the academic, professional and social needs of the students, the college provides different 'Clubs and Cells' where they will get the help and care. The main aim of these Cells and Clubs is to access the important information, supply the academic documents, help them in overcoming any obstacles and build their confidence.


Our National Service Scheme provides the students an opportunity to understand the community; identify its needs and problems as well as the solutions in which they can be involved by assuming social and civic responsibilities. NSS also provides students with the opportunity to apply their education in finding practical solutions to the problems faced by the individuals and the community at large. NSS aims at arousing social consciousness of the youth with an overall objective of personality development through community service. NSS enables students to participate in various programmes of social service and national development, and to help the community. The NSS unit is functioning as a single unit under the supervision of Asst.Prof. Eji Varghese.


Our college offers sports and games facilities to every students who desires to develop his /her potential and qualities of sportsman spirit,team spirit and physique.Sports club,in keeping with the mission of the college,provides ample opportunities to the students to utilise their leisure time with physical activities which will reduce their stress and inculcate lifetime physical activity behaviour in their day-to-day educational system.We encourage mass participation towards physical activities,which enhance the overall cognitive abilities of the students.Our college gives much preference to participate in the university level competitions conducting every year. The sports unit is functioning under the supervision of Asst.Prof. Binil K R.


Women’s Cell follows a strategy that involves the personality development of women in divergent fields. The cell has been very active in working towards women empowerment and gender sensitization of our young women. Women Cell aims to provide a platform to young women to voice their thoughts and opinions and to share their experiences. It also aims at providing personal guidance, legal awareness on specific issues concerning women. The activities of the cell include, engaging students in promoting awareness relating to women in the present social context, information on legal rights policies and counselling support. The women cell is functioning here under the coordination of Asst. Prof. Asha T. R.


The career Guidance and Placement cell has been set up in the college for the benefit of the students.  Primary objective of the cell is to provide the much needed life skills to students and help them to find job placements. The Cell’s activities are initiated by the teaching faculty of different departments. It is running under the leadership of Mr.Mahesh K Mohan.


Arts club was formed with the goal of connecting art students and enthusiasts with opportunities to exhibit work and learn about art events. The club is open to anyone, and encourages all who like art .The main objective of arts club is to encourage the budding talents of the students. Educational objective of this club is to encourage imagination,creative ability and introduce an artistic environment. It is functioning under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Viji Wilson.


Our Alumni Association functions as a nodal agency for maintaining liaison with the alumni and to involve them in the development and growth of the institution. It will promote and encourage the Alumni to exchange professional knowledge by undertaking and facilitating conferences, seminars, lectures and meetings amongst alumni, students, faculty and others. Continuous interaction with alumni is expected to widen the placement oppurtunities of the students. In every year, Alumini Day is being organized in December by the Management to bring the alumini of various departments to celebrate their memories with college and contribute back wisely for the college through support in placement, career guidance for the present students. Alumini coordinators play a significant role in registering and organising the alumni day leading it to be the grand success. The Alumni Association is functioning under the supervision of Asst.Prof. Noby Alias.


Our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a statutorily constituted body which aims at the overall development of the college. Parental co-operation in creating a healthy campus atmosphere is of utmost importance. The PTA aspires for co-operation and participation of parents in full measure, in the wholesome activities of the college. Positive and negative feedback is openly discussed for timely improvement and correction. A general body consists of all the parents and teachers, meets occasionally and it gives paramount importance to ensure a healthy and congenial academic atmosphere in the college. The PTA has been focusing on the growth and development of the college since its inception.


Our College Union advances a sense of community, unifying the institution by embracing the diversity of students, faculty, staff and alumni. Our college has a democratically elected student union which looks after student welfare through various programmes. The College Union comprises a Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Arts Club Secretary and Class Representatives. Besides, there are two University Union Councillors who represent the College students in the University Union. The major activities of the union include organizing of debates, discussions and talks on relevant issues involving local leaders, ministers and people from the literary field, Arts Fest of two days that give opportunities to students to express their talents, film fest and the College Day. Staff Advisor and other faculty members assist students in the holding of competitions. The college union enhances the student experience and cultivates an enduring connection to the institution.


The literary club of the college is an ongoing and an active club working under the Language Association “INSPIREM”. It offers opportunities to refine the literary skills of the students and to showcase and hone their talents to meet various competitions. This club includes various activities which enhance and appreciate the students’ aesthetic and artistic talents.