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St. Mary's College is owned and managed by St. Mary's Jacobite Church-known as Valiyapally, Thuruthiply, the famous Marian Pilgrimage Centre of the East. The College, situated in an idyllic rural locality, has a serence and spiritual ambience, ideal for learning. This temple of learning, stands as a strong tower emanating the wisdom of moral values, social commitment and civic responsibilities.St. Mary's College that stands unique in its own right, fosters the young minds to grow up imbibing truth and social values thus emabling the learner to overcome the challenges, trials and tribulations in real life with confidence and poise.

The College administration is headed by experienced priests and efficient team of members of the St. Mary's church, who play a vital role in maintaining the discipline of the institution. The college also enjoys the goodwill and whole hearted support of well- wishers and local community. This inturn makes the campus free from antisocial activities and drug mafia.

Special Features of St. Mary's College

All classrooms are CCTV surveilance.

Smart class facilities are offered in the computer labs,seminar hall and in class rooms.

Besides the regular programmes,the college offers additional programmes in personality development,career guidance,counseling,training for campus recruitment and other soft skills,by a team of experts

individual attention is given to students through mentoring ,Tutorial system etc.

Unforms,text books and note books are provided from the college store at the time of admission at reasonable rates

Coaching is given to students for NET/JRF

Training is provided for spoken english ,fluency development and Group discussion.

College bus facilities are available to all places

Hostel facilities


Unified fee structure for students seeking admisison in the General Merit Quota and Management Quota.

Admission is free of donation.

Those students who are admitted in the Management quota are granted special scholarships on the basis of merit and economic status.

Students who excel in academics are given Bapuji Scholarships, instituted by. St. Mary's Church Management.

Students who get admission have the privilege to use the college bus facility at nominal rate.

The College has good team of proficient teachers, including retired hands from aided colleges. The departments of Commerce and English are headed by experienced Ph.D. hands.

Students coming from science background at Plus Two level are given special coaching in Commerce and Accounting.

The College provides ample opportunities for the promotion of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. It has an indoor Basketball and Shuttle badminton court for promoting indoor games.

The College has a well equipped Computer lab with round the clock internet access.

The College library has a moderate collection of books and journals that provide the ideal reading ambience and easy access to users. The college management intends to subscribe e-journals shortly.


  • Admission Started.... NO DONATION, ONLY UNIVERSITY FEE. Ph: 0484-2593465, 2593415, Mob: 9072305102, 9447141988, 9072305104 Read more...